Boost Control

Production based vehicles often produce more power than what we used to run in dedicated drag race vehicles. Due to advances in engine design and turbocharger technology, high horsepower levels are easily attained. Not so easy is how to tame this new found power. I have spent a lot of years trying to “tame the beast” of boost so to speak in many forms of motorsport.

If you look through the Emtune software and open the Boost Control section (by enabling the function in the config view), you will find more tables, target offsets and compensations are available than many aftermarket engine management systems in the past have used to manage the whole engine.

As an introduction, the below log shows the basic core of Emtron boost control. A Classic PID based system is employed. A common issue with PID based boost control systems is that gain settings tend to only work well under one given condition and not so well under others. We have addressed this by implementing 3D tables to manage the Proportional, Derivative and Integral settings. While this can take longer to set up you will find an overall better control by taking the time to get these tables tuned well. The KV8sample cal is issued with base 2D table settings to get you going.


For best results the user should run the boost control system in open loop mode and populate the “Initial Position Table” as pictured below :