Cal Slot Control

Cal Slot Control is a very powerful tuning tool which allows for multiple configurations to be applied to each cal slot. To enable the “Cal Slot Control” function the menu item must be checked to “ON” in the functions setup as pictured below:

Config View‐>Functions Setup‐>Engine Functions‐>Cal Slot Control


Once the function has been enabled the Cal Control menu items will then become visible in the tuning view. The first step is to configure the “Cal Slot Control” table. There are 4 Cal Slots available for selection. Simply set the axis with the desired parameters and type in a value to correspond with the cal slot to be selected. In this sample the axis is configured to AN Volt1 and User Timer 1. This is merely to demonstrate a possible configuration. It only restricted to what selections are available in the axis setup and the user’s imagination. In most cases a simply switching system would be used but it is not limited to this.

Now the “Cal Slots” have a control to switch between, the “Cal Config” table can now be configured. The Table pictured below has a list of all Tables which can be controlled by the function. Each “Cal Slot” can be configured to enable a selected table. In this particular example, “Cal Slot 1” is configured so that all tables that are controlled will use “Table 1”. “Cal Slot 2” is configured to have the “Main Fuel Table and “Main Ignition Table” to use “Table 2”. All other tables are configured to use “Table 1”.