Climbing the Hill, Part Five

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By far the most anticipated race of the season, “Buzetski dani”, celebrated its 35th anniversary this year. An excellent route and great organization are a key for increasingly large number of both drivers and spectators. This year was no exception, with 250 cars on the entry list.

However, being held in mid September, Buzet is also known for rapidly changing weather conditions, and this year was no different.

Neverending evolution of the car has introduced a last minute installation of the paddle shift system, which gives an option of shaving down valuable milliseconds with every gear change.

Unfortunately, training day run times have clearly shown that the paddle shift system will take some time to get used to, and with strong competitors waiting for any setback, the team has decided to leave the adjustment period for the off-season and focus on finishing the race strong and securing valuable championship points.

After an overnight switch back to the sequential gear lever, performed by the team from THP Solutions, EVO charged up the hill with a time of 2:40,462, landing at first place, with a margin of less than 2 seconds in front of nearest competitor in the class.

With changing weather and track conditions, tire choice is a gamble that can make a significant difference in both directions. But after a heavy rain at the end of first run, the choice between Avon slicks and Michelin rain tires was more than obvious.

With the car being AWD and having higher level of mechanical grip in wet conditions, this was the opportunity to move even further away from the chasing pack. Before you know it, it was time for a second attempt at the climb…

If you ever wondered what does it look like trying to control over 700 horsepower car in the rain, the video below might give you a few clues:

And the time?

2:51,188, increasing the overall lead to 5,279 seconds and keeping the competition behind.

At the end of the day, the only thing left to do was load to car onto a trailer and celebrate a well deserved, third consecutive win!

Car preparation and tuning:
THP Solutions

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