Climbing the Hill, Part Four

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Fourth outing of the car in 2016. took place in Ilirska Bistrica, a town in southwestern Slovenia. The event was characteristic for both high number of competitors and unusually high temperatures for early September.

The first training session on Saturday was abruptly stopped due to water pump failure. The unit itself was beyond repair, but thanks to Emtron’s safety features any sort of damage was successfully avoided. As soon as coolant temperature goes over the set value, a safe mode is initiated limiting car’s rpm and power output. Unfortunately, sourcing and fitting of the replacement pump has caused skipping second training, leaving only more opportunity to test both the car and track conditions.

On the final training of the day, the car was charging up the hill. It seemed that we could finally see the true potential and compare the result with the competition.

However, faith seemed to have other plans. Snapped alternator belt has caused further headaches for the team, leaving everybody anxiously waiting for the race day and hoping for the best.

On Sunday morning, after fuel top up and fresh set of slicks, the car was sent away to attempt two recorded runs.

The driving displayed on the video below with a total time of 04:57.04 and an average speed of 121,44 km/h has secured a total of 3 trophies – a class, group and category win, making it a second consecutive first place finish.

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