Climbing the Hill, Part One

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It’s often said that the only difference between boys and men is the size of their toys. How about receiving a box with a race-prepped EVO IX chassis?

Armed with an array of Emtron’s latest products – Emtron KV8 ECU, Emtron EL-4 per cylinder lambda control and Emtron 4ch CDI-4 ignition with boost provided by BW 9180 @ 1.8 bar the engine pushes out a healty 703 bhp.

Car’s first shakedown took place in June on a hill climb event at Malačka near Split, Croatia. Despite the car being fully tuned on dyno, actual race conditions always require a tune-up to maximise the car’s potential and further adjust it to the driver’s preferred driving style. With a full support from the guys at THP Solutions the final touches were added during Saturday’s practice.

In the end, the car finished 3rd in it’s class, while collecting data invaluable for further development. Make sure to check back to the follow the progress as the car attacks the track on the next event later in July.

Car preparation and tuning:
THP Solutions

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