Climbing the Hill, Part Six

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Last race of the season always triggers us to look back and review the previous period and start planning for the future.

For Spaz racing team, this was a mixed emotions event. Yes, they have managed to secure a fourth consecutive win, which is great news. On the other hand, even that winning streak isn’t enough to win a championship title due to not attending first three races of the season.

But let’s focus back on the event at hand. Situated just 10 minutes away from Dubrovnik, the race takes place on a narrow mountain road not leaving much space for driver errors.

Even though we are talking about the Mediterranean, there was no hiding the fact that it was almost mid October. Completely in contrast with Saturday’s clear skies, the race on Sunday has welcomed the drivers with heavy showers causing a significant number of crashes throughout the day.

Despite weather conditions, pit crew has had yet another uneventful race, focusing merely on routine tasks – refueling, checking tire pressures and warming up the brakes and fluids on the air jack stands.

It sure seems that everything is OK :)

And moments later, here’s how the first recorded attempt looks like from outside of the car:

Having a car that functions flawlessly has enabled each run to be completed with more confidence resulting with more speed. Ultimately, this led to achieving another first place finish and receiving trophies for first place in class, group, category and overall.

This was a great season for the team and it also further established THP Solutions as a compentent and reliable tuner in car preparation. But don’t think that improvements will stop, even for a minute. This may be the last post in Climbing the Hill series, but we are just getting started…

Car preparation and tuning:
THP Solutions

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