Climbing the Hill, Part Three

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Despite the heavy rain that has occurred during Friday evening and Saturday’s practice runs, Sunday morning has greeted us with clear skies and ideal conditions for this year’s Cazin Grand Prix, taking place on an iconic “Krajiska zmija” track, with a total length of 4.100 m.

Following the proven recipe, the team have started with preparations early on to make sure everything runs as smooth as possible throughout the day.

The car run strong in the first run, revealing just how tough the competition is, with first and third place drivers finishing less then a second apart. Upon returning to the service park, a quick review of the onboard video was used in order to try to identify places where extra milliseconds can be squeezed out.

After a short break and refueling, the time soon came to try and attack the hill one more time, with 100% focus and even more determination than before.

The time stopped for the entire crew as the car launched from the start line, all anxiously waiting to hear the results on the live timing scoreboard. Here’s what was happening in the meantime:

The second run was even more successful, landing the team on the first place of the podium. With a time of 2:26,141, there was more than 2 second gap from the second placed driver!

This win has netted a total of 5 trophies and a whole lot of proud and happy faces.

Car preparation and tuning:
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