Climbing the Hill, Part Two

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After the last month’s race at Malačka, the car has returned to THP Solutions garage in order to be prepared for the next event, this time taking place in the hills above Čabar, a small picturesque town in the Western part of Croatia.

By fully utilising Emtron’s logging capabilities, the team constantly strives to identify any opportunities for further upgrade or potential weak points. After the final inspection, the car was loaded onto a trailer and sent off.

The detailed preparation has made the event somewhat uneventful for the crew, with the only requirement being refueling and checking the tire pressures in between runs. The car run faultlessly on both days, during Saturday’s practice runs as well as two race climbs on Sunday.


All hard work in the previous months has once again paid off. The driver has secured another podium finish with a 3rd place in class.

Following the two consecutive races, in the next post we’ll give you a detailed insight into one of the systems which ensures engine operation control: 4-channel lambda control.


Car preparation and tuning:
THP Solutions

Photo by:
Aleksandra Jurdana and CroSpot