Table Control

This week we will look at “Emtron Table Control”. What does it do? Throughout the Emtune software you will notice that many functions have Table Control capability. This allows the user to control how the Main Tables within functions may be applied.

The below example shows the Main VE Table control options which are contained within the Fuel Table Control menu. There are many ways the Main VE Table can be applied. These are listed in the Description Tab. The current selected menu item is option 6 ON-Z-Axis. This will open all Main VE Tables and allow them to be spanned by the Z-Axis Setup table for 4D tuning.

Tuning View->Fuel->Fuel Table Control->Main VE Tables:

Menu item’s 1, 2 and 3 will allow the user to simply select which Main VE table is to be used by the ECU. Menu item 5 is very interesting and allows the tables to be control by a separate function “Cal Slot Control”. This is an extremely powerful and flexible control. Menu Item’s 7,8 and 9 are for using VE Tables as a blend table. When a menu item is selected the software reconfigures itself to ensure the relevant tables are available for tuning.

Currently Table Control is available within the following functions :

  • Fuel
  • Igntion
  • Boost Control
  • DBW control
  • Map Limit

and most of the Motorsport Functions. Any function that has multiple tables assigned will likely have the ability to be Table controlled through this system. This means that existing functions will become extremely powerful when some imagination is used.